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“Nigeria could play on its God-given strengths to achieve socio-political goals”. This was the high point of a statement issued to mark Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary by a Chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) and Founder of a Non-governmental organisation named Building Opportunities For Tomorrow (BOT), Barrister Biyi Otegbeye.
According to Otegbeye the catchphrase “strength in diversity” could be elevated to a national mantra to consummate the desired goals of nation building, unity and progress.
“Let’s embrace the diversity in our strength as exemplified in population, resources, large ethno-cultural base and love for one another to realise our political and economic dreams”, Otegbeye observed, adding “I envision a greater Nigeria if only we can show enough commitment and faith in the development of the country”.
BOT extolled “the heroic and gallant roles of the founding fathers of Nigeria who committed themselves to the struggle for independence and wrote their names on the sands of time”.
He stated: “The colonialists didn’t surrender independence on a platter of gold neither was it achieved by stroke of luck. It came by the demonstration of patriotic zeal, unwavering commitment, adroit negotiations and bold struggles on the part of the nationalists. Some nationalists are the heroes of this day, some are unsung heroes yet some had become martyrs, but we remember them all. Their roles had been etched in our minds”.
Otegbeye paid particular tributes to the founding fathers and contemporary leaders in Ogun State. He celebrated the leading role of Ogun State in Nation Building at all levels laying solid foundation for Nigeria’s future”
He emphasized that no nation could ever become mighty without passing through turbulence times, adding that Nigerians should exercise patience and love for the country, while the leaders should rule with the fear of God and show concern for the welfare of citizens.
“Apparently, the current large scale insecurity, Corruption and economic pangs amidst unprecedented Global pandemic of COVID-19 are crying for solution,  We must appreciate the resilience of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in seeking panacea to these problems. We must put all hands on deck to find workable solutions to those problems”.
He described the potentials of Nigeria as enormous, saying that it would be unfortunate to allow the challenges to overcome the nation, thereby frittering away the potentials. “So, let’s use the opportunity of this year’s Diamond Jubilee to reflect and ruminate about the future, uphold to the things that unite us and forget the ones that divide us”, Otegbeye enthused.

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