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He is God’s sent – Beneficiaries say as Dende Egungbohun adds another year

Alhaji Ibrahim Egungbohun (DENDE) IBD


Nigeria, Ogun – As the clock ticks towards the third day of the third month of 2021 (03/03/2021), accolades which exact quantity have been difficult to assert are been poured upon Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun.

If how to know a man is rich, is how well those around him and his community are fairing, comfortable?. Then, Dende is a Rich man for his unrestrained generosity to those working with him and communities where he lives and have his businesses.

Varied expressions have been made; from being a generous man to being a kind of human rights activists by nature. An 80 years old trader decribed IBD as most reasonable man she ever heard of in her entire life.

IBD & his heartthrob Lara

“Someone who would prefer satisfying fellow human being ahead of his personal interest. “I still can’t believe he’s created with the same specs most of us were made of”, Mrs Kehinde stated.

An enterpreneur, Mr Ogunkanmi, responding to an act of kindness by Alhaji Egungbohun to one of his friends, said, “now I am convinced that that man, Dende, is a God’s sent to us in this part of the world.

“I have never collected a dime from him, but sincerely I can count four persons he has assisted financially”.

IBD International Hotels Ltd, Abeokuta

A popular presenter also attested to the fact that good number of his colleagues have benefitted from the generosity nature of IBD.

“That man called Dende will continue to triumph over his adversaries, and he would live to satisfaction, so that God may use him to uplift more disadvantaged people”, he prayed.

One of his workers said, “here is a man, who will make sure those working with him have a house and live a good life. He will disperse you once he noticed that as you are working with him, you are not progressing”.

IBD International Hotels Ltd, Ilaro

“He is a man sent to us by God to liberate us financially”, he added.

IBD is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman IBD International Hotels Ltd, IBD IMPEX Ltd, IBD Farm and IBD IMPEX Quarry.


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