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Nigeria Mission, UK says is still receiving application for passport …issue ETC for emergency travelers to Nigeria in place of FTS

Nigeria High Commissioner to UK His Excellency Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola


The Nigeria High Commission London has announced that application for passport issuance has continued to receive prompt attention despite the suspension of Fast Track Services for urgent travellers.

The Mission in a statement made available to Prowling Eagles, said, “The embassy will continue to invite applicants who have been awaiting Mission’s invitation for appointment”.
The Mission, according to the statement has made significant progress on the passport application backlog. Currently, the High Commission is inviting through email those applicants who made their passport application in or before May 2021 for biometric capture and processing.
The Mission said, after the temporary suspension of Fast-Track application service from 20th September 2021 for those seeking urgent travel, it has made adequate provisions to ensure its citizens are not stranded in the United Kingdom.
“Nigerians, who need to travel to Nigeria urgently, can apply for the issuance of Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC)”, the Mission said.
ETC requirements for adults, according to a report by African Voice, is a one-way document to Nigeria lasting only ONE MONTH from date of issue and that applicants are to provide the following: 1. Flight ticket; 2. Two passport size photographs of the applicant; 3. Photocopy of Nigerian passport data page; 4. £120.00 (One Hundred & Twenty Pounds) Postal Order made payable to the Nigeria High Commission London.
According to the report, the ETC is easy and straightforward, as it is issued to applicants on the same day.
To qualify for ETC, the applicant preferably must has a British passport or British Residency Certificate so the applicant can return to the UK since ETC is a one-way document.
It also stated that, the ETC is collected from the applicant by Nigeria Immigration Service upon arrival at the airport in Nigeria.
The report advised that applicants should apply for ETC, a few days before travel date or a week or maximum two weeks before, as it expires within one month of issue, adding that the ETC only takes applicants to Nigeria not anywhere else.

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