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NIGERIA: the giant in the cemetery

By Ajiroba Dapo Oke, fcia
As a young man and  as  one of those born shortly after independence who have  seen few good days in Nigeria nation in the 70s while growing , I need not hide the truth that our nation has gone from good to bad and what we are witnessing now is the worse time ever experienced in the history of our country with no hope in sight for a better nation.
Our own generation enjoyed free education briefly before we started paying. We witnessed the good days of good services from our hospitals: the days of dispensary centres, health centres , maternity homes and general hospitals . We experienced a nation that once had National plans and desired fiscal policies,  We have seen the days of water works supplying pipeborne water in major cities, days of street lights and good roads in our major urban centres and intra cities road networks and connectivities. The days of railways and lesser road accidents and almost  zero crime rates. I can continue to mention many of those good things we have experienced and enjoyed before this present moment of monumental failure in all sectors of our national life.
The state of Nigeria roads and other social infrastructures today to say the least show the type of leadership in our nation soon after 1970s. The current corruption level is even worst than what Major Kaduna Nzeogwu and the five majors described as 10percenters in the maiden coup that terminated the first Republic. Nothing is working in our nation today except for the few rich men whose sources of richness are their long hands deep into the treasury base of the nation.
That the economy has refused to pick despite all theoretic and practical approaches is an indication that the forces behind our failure as a nation are mightier than our several attempts at nation building. It is obviously clear that we are being led by leaders who are not capable of fixing any of our many problems,  leaders who destroyed every good legacy of services they enjoyed with their greed and insensitivity nature . Leaders who have made our inglorious past  better than our glorious moments as a nation.
Unfortunately , the Nigerian masses too are not helping the situation,  we are not invested with the right attitude to choose wisely the right type of leaders who can change our stories for good or is it that we don’t have men who can cleanse the land of all these miserable leaders defrauding the nation with their pretends of services to the nation
Majority of our people  today have the conviction that if we are to go back to our Regional autonomous government, the West will come out of these debacles within a short time hence the major outcries for restructuring . Yes,  we need to get out quickly from this unworkable National Government through restructuring. This of course remain the only option left for us to survive. But because some people have the ambition  to govern a geographic entity called Nigeria by all means,  their senses and visions are beclouded to the facts on ground that the Nation has failed woefully beyond redemption. While we see the bleak future they are seeing hope just because their own version of hope is about their selfish interest to aspire to the seat of power.
They will however,  soon come to the grim realities that there won’t be a nation called Nigeria for them to govern. It is a matter of time, the inevitable divorce of the 1914 marriage of inconvenience is just within our nose.
Good night Nigeria is the melodious tune from heaven. Only those who listen to the tune from the other land can hear the tunes.
Dapo Oke is a public, political analyst based in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria
#Agidigbo the drum of wisdom

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